STERRAD 100S Sterilant Cassette

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Our Customers love WellBefore!

40,000+ Reviews
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STERRAD 100S Sterilant Cassette - Sterilization Trays and Containers - Sterilant Cassette

  • Delivers a predefined quantity of hydrogen peroxide per cycle to achieve sterilization both conveniently and effectively
  • Each cassette is a closed system, sealed for the operator'\''s safety
  • Has a chemical indicator on the packaging in order to detect any leakage of sterilant during transportation
  • Uniquely bar coded STERRAD® System cassettes can be transported via ground or air shipment
  • 5 cassettes/case; 5 cycles/cassette, 25 cycles/case
Sterilant Cassette STERRAD® 100S

STERRAD® 100S Sterilant Cassette


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