Surgical Drape Pack

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About this item:

  • Complete surgical drape and gown pack
  • Includes laparotomy drapes & Ultra gowns
  • Reinforced back table & Mayo stand covers
  • Comes with suture bag
  • Packaged in a convenient poly pouch

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Surgical Drape Pack - Drape Packs - Surgical Drape Pack

  • Having everything you need in the way of surgical drapes and gowns in one pack saves time and just makes life a little easier
  • All components (104 x 76 x 120 inch laparotomy drape; large Ultra surgical gown with towel; large Ultra fabric-reinforced surgical gown with towel; 44 x 90 inch zone-reinforced back table cover; 23 x 54 inch reinforced Mayo stand cover and suture bag) are packed in a poly pouch
Surgical Drape Pack

Halyard Laparotomy Pack VII Surgical Drape Pack

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