Thick & Easy Dairy Thickened Beverage

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About this item:

  • IDDSI Level 2 Mildly Thick
  • Fortified with vitamins A and D
  • Made with 2% Grade A milk
  • Packaged fresh for great flavor
  • Ready-to-serve convenience

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Thick & Easy Dairy Thickened Beverage - Thickeners - Thickened Beverage

  • Mildly thick or nectar consistency (IDDSI-2) as rated by the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative
  • Thick & Easy dairy drinks are made using 2% milk and fortified with vitamin A and D
  • Packaged fresh to hold its great milk flavor
Thickened Beverage Thick & Easy® Dairy 8 oz. Carton Milk Flavor Liquid IDDSI Level 2 Mildly Thick

Thick & Easy® Dairy Nectar Consistency Milk Thickened Beverage, 8 oz. Carton,

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