TPE Face Shield - Crystal Clear Vision

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Adjustable Safety Transparent Headband Face Shield Mask

Our transparent safety face shield is designed to protect the entire face from any spray and/or splatter, droplets, dust, oil, smoke, and more. This face shield is treated with anti-fog and anti-static coating to improve maximum visibility. The adjustable plastic face shield has a foam strip, and the elastic band can be easily adjusted to suit habits, and it is firmly fixed and comfortable to wear.

  • 0.3MM Thickness, 29cm x 25.1cm
  • TPE durable, poison-free for humans
  • Reusable - Clean With Hand Sanitizer
  • Lightweight, Recyclable, Ergonomic, Comfortable Design
  • 180 Degree Isolation, Anti-Fog, Anti-Static
  • Extra Length and Width (29mm x 25.2mm)
  • Crystal Clear Vision
  • Sterilizable & Reusable
  • Clear TPE Transparent material
  • Flexible Sponge for comfort

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