Tranquility Bariatric Briefs - Sample Pack

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About this item:

  • Breathable, stretchy side panels
  • Peach absorbent core
  • Dual wetness indicators
  • Comfortable fit with leg cuffs
  • Absorbs up to 34 oz

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Tranquility Bariatric Briefs - Sample Pack

We know how bad and wasteful it feels to order a pack of incontinence briefs, only to find out they’re not the right size. The process of trial and error to get the sizing right is costly and takes a lot of time, which is especially bad when you urgently need the product to solve your incontinence problems.

Well, WellBefore is here to make finding your proper fit of incontinence briefs much smoother, and faster!



Size Dimensions

Capacity (oz/ml)

64 - 96 inches 34 oz / 1005 ml

Product Features

  • Full-fit brief with breathable, stretchy side panels
  • Peach absorbent core protects sensitive skin and helps ensure skin dryness, odor reduction and urine pH neutralization
  • Dual indicators let you know when the brief has become wet
  • Kufguards® inner leg cuffs and elastic leg gathers deliver a comfortable fit
  • Wide, micro-hook closure tabs grip the brief securely and allow multiple openings
  • Absorbs up to 34 oz

Say goodbye to trial and error when it comes to your incontinence products!

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