TYR Anamix® Infant Vanilla Flavor PKU Oral Supplement, 400 Gram Can

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Our Customers love WellBefore!

40,000+ Reviews
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  • An amino acid based tyrosine-free, phenylalanine-free powdered infant formula containing essential and nonessential amino acids, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • For use in the dietary management of proven tyrosinemia when plasma methionine is normal, in infants from birth to 12 months and as a supplementary feed up to 3 years

  • Provides a multi-fiber blend to help support digestive health
  • Complete with essential vitamins and minerals
  • 36 grams (four scoops) provide 138 calories, 10 grams of protein equivalent, 64 milligrams of DHA and 4 grams of fiber
  • DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is an omega-3 fatty acid
  • Four scoops is enough to make 126 mL of formula
  • Plain, neutral flavor
PKU Oral Supplement TYR Anamix® Next Unflavored 400 Gram Can Powder

TYR Anamix® Next PKU Oral Supplement, 400-gram Can


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