W.A. Baum Sprague Stethoscope

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Our Customers love WellBefore!

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W.A. Baum Sprague Stethoscope - Binaural Stethoscopes - Sprague Stethoscope

  • Designed to meet a wide variety of auscultatory demands
  • Modular adult and pediatric diaphragms, large, medium and small bell receivers provide an extended range of auscultatory frequencies in one versatile stethoscope
  • Thick walled non-latex tubing leads directly from the chest piece to each ear to provide improved acoustic separation
Sprague Stethoscope W.A. Baum Black 2-Tube 30 Inch Tube Double Sided Chestpiece

W.A. Baum Sprague - Rappaport Stethoscope


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