WellBefore 4-Layer Kids Disposable Face Masks - Individually Wrapped

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4 Layer Kids Premium Disposable Face Masks

Our brand new 4 Layer Kids Premium Disposable Face Mask brings all the qualities we love from the WellBefore 3 Ply Kids Face Mask plus improvements we’ve implemented thanks to the feedback received from our loved customers.

The new 4 Layer Premium Kids Disposable Face Masks come with elastic earloops for comfort and it is composed of two premium non-woven layers which are capable of intercepting and removing foreign particles. A melt blown layer and a cotton layer that helps the mask feel soft, comfortable, and sturdy.

If used properly, the four premium layers provide a high level of filtration protecting you and your loved ones from bacteria, viruses, air particles, pollutants, and allergens that could affect your health. These masks work as a barrier and prevent germs from coughs and sneezes from spreading.

With the current evolving pandemic environment the need for more protective masks has never been so essential. Since its foundation, WellBefore has been committed to providing high quality protective equipment available to the hands of everyone.

Wearing a face mask is the most effective mechanism to prevent the transmission of viruses.

Available sizes:

  • Small | Height: 3.74 in., Width: 5.7 in.

These masks are not approved to be used in medical settings in the United States. You should not wear these masks if you are going to be in a setting where it is a high-risk environment for infectious disease, excess bodily fluids, or in a surgical setting.


Each mask is individually wrapped to guarantee its effectiveness besides keeping the mask sanitized. The individual wrapping makes it easy to carry around while traveling or having an extra mask in your pocket. It also makes it easier to share and distribute these masks among friends or while at work. Individual wrapping means you don’t have to worry about contamination, not for a single day.

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