Wellcome Series 3D (KF94 Style) KN95 Mask With Standard Ear Loops

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Model Comparison

Wellcome Series Wellcome Series

This model

Standard Series Standard Series

Not Individually Wrapped

Individually Wrapped

Regular Earloops

Adjustable Earloops

4 Standard Layers

4 Premium Layers

Standard Layers Density

Increased Layers Density
For Extra Comfort

Face Measurement Guide

Measurement guide

Note on KF94 and KN95

These masks are not approved to be used in medical settings in the United States. You should not wear these masks if you are going to be in a setting where it is a high-risk environment for infectious disease, excess bodily fluids, or in a surgical setting.

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We carry a wide array of masks in addition to the KN95 mask, such as the N95 mask, respirator masks like the N95 respirator, and other masks that are FDA cleared and NIOSH approved.

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