YumVs Pure Multi-Vitamin with Minerals Supplement

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About this item:

  • Fruit-flavored gummies highly palatable to children
  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals
  • 60 jellies per bottle
  • Assorted fruit flavors
  • Nonprescription multivitamin supplement

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YumVs Pure Multi-Vitamin with Minerals Supplement - Nonprescription Vitamins and Minerals - Multivitamin Supplement

  • Multivitamin with minerals in the form of fruit-flavored \"gummies\" or \"jellies\" so they are highly palatable to children
  • Two gummies contain 2200 IU of vitamin A; 60 mg of vitamin C (as ascorbic acid); 600 IU of vitamin D-3; 15 IU of vitamin E; 12 mg of niacin; 2 mg of vitamin B-6; 300 mcg of folate; 6 mcg of vitamin B-12; 60 mcg of biotin; 6 mg of pantothenic acid; 40 mcg of iodine; 1 mg of zinc; 5 mg of sodium; 6 mcg of choline; and 40 mcg of inositol
  • 60 jellies per bottle
Multivitamin Supplement YumV'\''s™ Gummy 60 per Bottle Assorted Fruit Flavors

YumV'\''s™ Multivitamin Supplement with Minerals

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