Zeasorb Prevention Powder Antifungal

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Our Customers love WellBefore!

40,000+ Reviews
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Zeasorb Prevention Powder Antifungal - Anti-Itch and Antifungals - Antifungal

  • Zeasorb super absorbent powder helps prevent excess moisture; it soothes chafing and itching rash by reducing friction and heat
  • Use regularly to keep feet and body dry and comfortable – after bathing, or anytime you want to feel refreshed
  • Active ingredients include: talc; cellulose; sodium polyacrylate; chloroxylenol; imidurea; aldioxa; fragrance
  • 2½ ounce shaker bottle
Antifungal Zeasorb® Prevention Powder Powder 2.5 oz. Shaker Bottle

Zeasorb® Prevention Powder Talc Antifungal, 2.5 oz. Shaker Bottle


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