Where to start?

If you’re tired of scrolling through the seemingly endless supply of adult incontinence products and never knowing what the differences are or what you should be looking for, you’ve come to the right place. 

We all have different needs, and sometimes those needs manifest in adult diapers. There is no shame in protecting yourself from urine or bowel incontinence and keeping your hygiene up to a certain standard, but we know it can be hard to ask the right questions about what you should be using.

WellBefore carries a wide variety of different kinds of adult diapers. It’s important that you understand what makes them different so you can choose what products are best for you. There are three main kinds of adult diapers: pull-ups, diapers with tabs, and reusable diapers. 

Read on to learn more about the kinds of adult diapers that WellBefore carries and recommends to you.

The 3 Kinds of Adult Diaper

The most common adult diapers are the ones that fall into the following three categories:


Pull-up diapers are similar to traditional underwear. They are easy to put on by yourself, offer easy removal, and are comfortable to wear. Most pull-up diapers are moderately absorbent and support those with more mild urinary incontinence who can still change in and out of them on their own.

Pull-up diapers often fit nicely underneath clothing, wick moisture away, and keep you feeling controlled all day. You should consider purchasing pull-up diapers if you or a loved one can pull clothing up and down, over the feet, and have the mobility to make it to the bathroom on their own as well. Because these diapers are mildly absorbent, they are not meant for those who cannot get to the bathroom on their own or those with fecal incontinence. 

Pregnant women and those with slightly weakened bladders should browse through WellBefore’s selection of pull-up adult diapers. They help you go about your day more worry-free! 

Diapers with Tabs

Diapers with Tabs

Adult diapers with tabs are best suited for those who need a snug and secure fit that will keep them protected for several hours. These diapers offer two refastenable tabs on either side that allow you to make adjustments to the size and fit to ensure you will not have any unwanted leakage. 

Tab-style briefs require someone else to help you or a loved one in and out of them. The tabs must be secured around your waist and onto each side of the diaper. They can be readjusted if you need them to fit more securely, but this is not something you could do on your own.

However, diapers with tabs typically provide the maximum absorbency strength and leakage protection and are highly trusted to keep any signs of leakage from happening. Because of this, those with fecal incontinence or heavy incontinence would benefit from this product. 

Reusable Diaper

Reusable Diaper

Reusable diapers are comfortable, easy to use, and more environmentally and financially friendly. 

These diapers can be used, washed, and reused for several different occasions. They are great for people who have sensitive skin because they are made of various kinds of cloth and absorbent polymers and are similar to different types of underwear to reduce skin irritation. 

Reusable diapers are best for those with mild incontinence who can get to the bathroom but want a little extra relief, odor reduction, and protection from leakage. These can be worn to catch any minor leakage that might come out while doing everyday tasks. Plus, they are easy to toss in with your laundry like normal underwear!

Understanding What You Need

Everyone’s incontinence is unique to them and affects their lives in varying ways. In order to purchase the perfect product for your individual needs, you need to understand what it is that you need. If you can pinpoint the different things you require from your product, you will overall feel more secure with your product choice. 

There are four different factors to consider when looking to buy the perfect product:


Your incontinence might range anywhere from mild to severe, so the kind of product you buy should reflect what kind of level of absorbency you need. Consider the following questions:

  • When will this product be worn, and for how long? While out doing an errand? Throughout the night?
  • How bad is your incontinence? Would you consider it to be more severe? 

Finding a product that will absorb your urine or fecal matter to a proper point that is comfortable with you is important. It can cause problems with your skin or infections if the product is not absorbing properly.

Level of Independence

Depending on the type of diaper you choose, there comes a certain level of independence. 

Pull-ups are great because they don’t rely on another person to be there, and they feel like regular underwear. This leaves people feeling more confident because they feel independent. This kind of diaper isn’t meant for someone who needs assistance.

Diapers with tabs are best for those who need assistance because they can be tightly secured and are less likely to come undone. When you are wearing them, you are bound to feel supported. 

Reusable diapers are great for those with mild incontinence who can change out of them and wash them independently. Because they are required to be washed, someone needs to be able to get you in and out of them so they can stay clean. 

Odor Control

Many people worry that with their incontinence products, there will come a smell. Urine and fecal matter can cause unpleasant odors when they are not properly secured and changed accordingly. Finding breathable and odor-eliminating products can help you with this issue, especially if it’s one of the main concerns you have. 


How the product fits you is essential in how well it works. A diaper should be snug with your body to avoid the ability for any matter to fall out and cause a leak. Your skin should be comforted and not irritated by the diaper because it should not hurt you when you are wearing it.

If a diaper is too small, it can cause discomfort and circulation issues, including rashes and infection. If a diaper is too big, there could be more space for leakage to occur and for it to be more apparent underneath your clothing.

This isn’t one of those cases where you can get by with the product being a little loose-fitting. Whichever product you are wearing should fit snugly and securely along your body so that it provides maximum protection.

Top 3 Pull-up Diapers

While everyone’s preferences might be different, and as discussed above, the perfect product relies on several unique factors, here are WellBefore’s top three pull-up diapers!

Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear

    The Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent pull-up diaper is meant to keep you comfortable throughout the night. This product provides maximum strength in absorbency and comes in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the one that will fit you most securely. These are easy to take off as they feature a tear-away side. These diapers include Kufguards® inner leg cuffs that help to contain high-volume incontinence levels. 

    TENA PROskin Women Protective Underwear

      TENA PROskin Women Protective Underwear is meant to protect you while making you feel comfortable and natural in the product you are in. This underwear is highly effective and breathable, allowing for comfort and odor control. These pull-on diapers feature a tear-away seam that makes it easy to take off when you need to change it. These underwear are also meant to look very similar to underwear to limit your awareness of wearing the diaper. 

      Feel confident and wear TENA PROskin Women Protective Underwear for your daily use!

      TENA PROskin Men Protective Underwear

        For men looking for comfort and something that looks natural, the TENA PROskin Men Protective Underwear is a great choice. These are grey-colored natural-looking underwear that can be used for those who deal with moderate to heavy urinary incontinence. These are also tear-away underwear, so they are quick and easy to change in and out of.

        They feature ConfioAir® 100% breathable technology that protects the skin and maintains moisture.

        Top 3 Diapers with Tabs

        Diapers with tabs give you a more secure, form-fitted feel that locks in leaks and provides comfort and confidence. You can be assured that you will be protected from rashes and infections because you can control how it fits. These diapers are great for those with limited mobility and heavier incontinence levels, as they have higher absorbency powers and are less likely to come off. 

        Prevail Daily Briefs

          The Prevail Daily Briefs come in sizes from small to large and are designed to provide maximum leak protection. These briefs are secured with strong tabs that help to fit the diaper to your body snugly. They are unisex and can be worn by anyone!

          These briefs are breathable to limit discomfort and odor, so you can feel confident knowing the Prevail Daily Briefs have got you covered. 

          Cardinal Health WINGS Super Quilted Bariatric Adult Briefs with BreatheEasy Technology

            Cardinal Health WINGS Super Quilted Bariatric Adult Briefs are made to fit adults that have a waist measuring from 75 to 100 inches. These are meant to be comfortable and breathable, so there is less chance of infection or rashes. These briefs are maximum absorbency to keep you secure and dry.

            Soft quilted backing on the diaper makes it more discreet, reducing the noise it makes when you move around. 

            Wings™ Plus Heavy Absorbency Incontinence Briefs, Small

              The Wings™ Plus Heavy Absorbency Incontinence Briefs are another great diaper product that provides maximum strength protection. These briefs come in size small and can be fastened securely with their tabs. They are super soft and comfortable to wear, making movement easy while securing any leakage. These are great to look into if you are looking for security and comfort.

              Top 3 Reusable Diapers

              Reusable diapers are great for those who want to be a bit more environmentally and financially friendly. They are also great for those who have a bit more independence when changing in and out of the clothing. 

              CareFor Brief

                CareFor Brief provides easy-to-use, snap-on underwear that can be washed and reused. These diapers are waterproof but also collect moisture from the skin to help keep it dry. This underwear will not restrict circulation and is very breathable. 

                Light & Dry Underwear For Men

                  Light & Dry Underwear For Men is an eco-conscious way to protect yourself from urinary incontinence. These underwear are cotton, soft, washable, and good at protecting mild incontinence. They are not bulky like other diapers and allow for more discreet wear. As a whole, they are very comfortable and great at locking away moisture with their fabrics. 

                  Light & Dry Underwear For Women

                    The Light & Dry Underwear For Women has a soft elastic waist and leg bands to help lock moisture in, while providing comfort. The cotton limits rashes and irritation to the skin and is breathable, which helps to control odor. These underwear are meant only for helping mild urinary incontinence. 

                    Let's wrap up

                    Knowing what you need is going to determine what product is best for you. All products meet specific needs, so it’s about knowing what yours are. Testing out products to find what’s right for you is a great way to start if you still are unsure, and luckily WellBefore has plenty for you to choose from!


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