The Best Masks for Dust Allergies

Allergies affect nearly 100 million people annually, the most common of these being allergies to pollen, dust, and other allergens.

Dust allergies are not necessarily more common in winter specifically, but certain factors associated with winter conditions can contribute to indoor allergen exposure. During the winter months, people tend to spend more time indoors with windows closed, which can lead to higher concentrations of indoor allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, and mold.

Wearing face masks has long been touted as one of the most effective ways to prevent allergic reactions without taking medication or avoiding doing activities the allergic individual enjoys.

But exactly which masks should be worn to prevent allergies from flaring up when dust is in the air? We're sharing our top recommendations in this post.

What Is a Dust Allergy?

Most people with dust allergies are allergic to dust mites, tiny organisms that feed on skin cells shed by humans and thrive in humid environments. Symptoms of this allergy include sneezing and a runny nose.

Unfortunately, dust allergies can be experienced all year round and usually flare up after cleaning. Dust mites float into the air when the carpet is vacuumed or the floors are swept, and we breathe them in when we're in our homes, workspaces, etc.

How Does Wearing Masks Help with Dust Allergies?

Pollen and dust particles that travel in the air during all seasons can range between 10 and 100 micrometers in size.

Fortunately, standard surgical masks can act as a significant barrier and have been coined “allergy masks” because of their capabilities to protect allergy sufferers from becoming overwhelmed by dust or pollen in the air.

Surgical masks can also be used as allergy masks because they effectively prevent allergic reactions. More durable and robust face mask options are available that lessen a person's likelihood of experiencing an allergy attack or having trouble breathing because of allergies.

The Best Dust Masks for Allergies

Fortunately for those who suffer from uncomfortable allergy symptoms, WellBefore carries a variety of allergy masks that offer significant protection when pollen levels are high.

The WellBefore N95

    Recent studies show that individuals who wore an N95 mask consistently over two weeks saw an improvement in nasal allergy symptoms.

    These respirators effectively block dust particles as small as 0.04 micrometers in size. The N95 masks and respirators we carry at WellBefore filter out a minimum of 95% of all airborne particles.

    N95 respirators offer much more protection against allergens and particles than a standard surgical mask or traditional cloth masks.

    Benefits of the WellBefore N95 Masks

    • Filters out 95% of airborne particles
    • Works against air pollutants, pollen, allergens, and dust particles
    • Easy to adjust, made with soft materials
    • Includes four layers of non-woven fabric
    • Includes an adjustable nose clip
    • Has a tight fit that blocks allergens

    The WellBefore KN95

      A KN95 face mask is another viable product to protect yourself against pollen and other particles in the air. While this mask is not designed for medical settings, it's highly effective as an allergy mask for daily wear.

      Whether you're gardening, traveling by plane, exercising outdoors, or participating in any other activity that triggers your allergies, the KN95 masks at WellBefore are designed to offer you maximum protection thanks to the powerful filter options and protective layers.

      Benefits of the KN95 Mask

      • Five-layer protection against pollen, allergens, and airborne particles
      • Melt-blown, non-woven fabric
      • Reinforced elastic straps hold the face mask in place
      • Adjustable nose clip for comfort

      Shopping Dust Allergy Masks with WellBefore

      As a US-based supplier of PPE and other medical supplies, WellBefore strives to provide the highest quality products with the right implementation standards for our customers.

      If you're looking for the right products to ease your dust allergies, we're here to help. Shop our wide selection of N95 and KN95 masks online, and feel free to contact us with any questions!