A KN95 Mask for a large face

Finding the Right Fit Matters

When searching for a mask to protect against COVID-19 or any other airborne diseases and bacteria, most people think a mask made out of a superior multi-layered material is the most important feature to look for. Many have ditched cloth masks in favor of respirator masks, after countless articles and news pieces suggested, based on the advice provided by medical experts, that they are less effective due to their low abilities to filtrate compared to others.

While this is a great transition, research has shown that even masks that filter out upwards of 95% of harmful air particles, such as the recommended KN95 or N95 masks, perform no better than most masks if they do not fit your face properly.

In fact, researchers from the University of Cambridge claim that choosing the perfect fit for a mask is more important than the material of the mask itself. While the effectiveness of face masks in preventing the spread of COVID-19 has been proven, not many people take into account the role of a good fit in their protection, nor how a lack of a proper fit could downplay the mask's effectiveness in a big way.

What is a “Perfect Fit”?

There are many factors to look out for when making sure you choose a mask with a perfect fit. Firstly, you need to make sure that there is a complete seal between the mask and the face. If there are any gaps around the sides of the mask it will still allow air in, alongside the particles it carries with it that you're trying to protect yourself from.

Most masks that are mass-produced to fit the “average” face, as minute differences in facial structures could have a critical impact on a proper fit. This could mean varying fullness of cheeks, noses with different widths, or different sizes of the face itself. These alterations could be avoided if you were to choose a mask that is designed to be as adjustable as possible with ear loops or headstraps, and also available in a wide range of sizes.

Why Use a KN95 Mask?

So we've discussed the importance of your mask fitting snugly on your face, now we can look into the significance of the material and kind of mask you should choose.

Cloth masks have recently earned a bad reputation among experts, and there are several reasons why. A critical reason to consider is that cloth masks don't meet any kind of health standards. According to the CDC Crisis Capacity guidelines, cloth masks do not meet the criteria for the state stockpile and procurement standards, and the CDC continues to advise that cloth masks should only be worn when no other more protective masks are accessible. While those who are more environmentally-conscious prefer to use rewashable masks instead of disposable ones, unfortunately there are none that meet filtration standards as of now.

This is opposed to the KN95 mask, which follows the KN94 standard, the South Korean equivalent of the Chinese KN95, both of which offer similar protection to the standards of America's N95 mask, although are slightly different in style. The KN95 masks match what experts recommend, i.e. double or triple-layer masks that are made out of a mix of protective materials.

WellBefore and the Best Fitting KN95 Mask for a Large Face

When it comes to mask effectiveness, you should be looking for a high filtration percentage, a perfect fit, and of course, comfort. If your mask is intolerable, it does no good and doesn't motivate you to wear it on a daily basis.

WellBefore has taken the well-known KN95 masks and updated their design so that they are more adjustable, and offer the opportunity for many different facial structures and sizes to find their perfect fit. They are the best disposable face masks for a large face, as it is difficult for many to find masks for a larger size.

As far as the recommended mask layers, KN95 masks are designed with five layers of quality protection to filter out harmful air particles. When it comes to fit, a well fitted mask should sit snugly on the face and over the chin, with a total seal and no gaps around the nose or mouth.

WellBefore's KN95 mask has side flaps that make it easier to seal the mask onto your face's unique contours and includes five layers of protection . It also includes an adjustable noseband that you can use to secure a tighter fit no matter how your nose is shaped. The mask also comes equipped with ear loops that you can adjust so that you are sure the mask is tight around your face. It comes in sizes small, medium and large, making it the best KN95 mask for a large face.

Finally, as mentioned above, comfort and protection against airborne particles is key, and this KN95 mask checks that box as well! It is designed in a 3D style, which is a rounded shape that fits around your face more comfortably, and allows more space for breathing and air circulation.

If you're looking for the best KN95 mask for a large face, look no further than WellBefore.