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WellBefore 3M™ NIOSH N95 Masks

Since their founding in 1902, 3M grew from the humble Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company to a Fortune 500 dedicated to innovation in the personal protective equipment sector. 

Today, 3M leads the charge on innovative, comfortable, and effective N95 disposable respirator masks. And with WellBefore, you can find all the respirators your team needs. 

The Innovation and Protection of 3M N95 Respirator Masks

A basic cloth or paper mask can reduce the spread of airborne bacteria, viruses, and other aerosolized particles that may spread when someone talks, coughs, sneezes, or laughs. But for true protection, you need the expert design you can only find from 3M. 

3M masks are made using a process called melt blowing, which uses high-velocity air to blow superfine fibers. This melts the polymer into continuous filaments, after which the filaments are converted into a laid nonwoven fabric. In plain English, it creates a powerful filter that can catch large contaminant particles while still allowing air particles to filter through. 

3M masks build on that process with a design made for maximum comfort and performance. The distinctive “ducks bill” design keeps the wearer comfortable without compromising air filtration or air flow, and the patented Cool Flow Exhalation Valves help the wearer breathe with ease. 

Plus, you get the same lightweight, fitted design you expect from 3M N95 respirators, with a nose clip and head loops that make the mask custom-fitted to a single user. 

Protective Ratings You Can Trust

N95 is not a brand name from 3M. It’s a rating standard created by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). When a mask receives an N95 rating, that means it’s certified by NIOSH and the FDA to filter out 95% of airborne non-sticky particles

This provides the same amount of protection you would find in a KN95 mask, the difference being that an N95 mask is approved for use in a medical setting. In fact, 3M N95 respirators are the gold standard for personal protective equipment in healthcare, industrial settings, frontline and emergency services, and other high-risk settings. 

The Popularity of 3M N95 Masks

In a time when the COVID-19 left people unable to leave their homes and afraid of what would come next, N95 masks allowed essential workers--especially healthcare workers--to do their jobs safely every single day. Even in situations where social distancing was impossible, doctors, nurses, and other frontline workers were still able to come home safely at the end of each shift. 

And even now, with vaccines on the market, 3M N95 respirators remain the gold standard for respiratory protection, whether you’re in a hospital setting, a school, or any other location where only the best respiratory protection will suffice. 

The Benefits of 3M Disposable Respirators

While 3M masks may look like standard surgical masks, they offer far more protection than any standard medical mask. 

While standard masks offer basic protection against airborne particles, they do not filter the air to protect you and those around you. They also are not uniquely fitted, which makes their protection imprecise. 

3M masks form tight suction around the mouth and nose area, and each one is made to fit a single user perfectly. That way, the user gets maximum protection and comfort each time they don their respirator. 

Better still? Here at WellBefore, we offer 3M N95 masks that take comfort to the next level. 

Our masks are designed with a soft inner material for extra comfort, as well as nose foam and a fitted, adjustable nose clip for the best possible seal. Unlike many disposable respirators, our three-panel flat fold design is collapse resistant. 

But most of all, we prioritize safety. All of our N95 masks in stock undergo extensive testing and certification from NIOSH, and some undergo additional testing and approval with the Food and Drug Administration. Documentation is available to customers upon request. 

And if 95% protection isn’t enough, we also stock N99 respirators, which are certified and approved for 99% filtration efficiency. 

Why Buy 3M NIOSH N95 Masks from WellBefore

Here at WellBefore, we’re a family-owned, US based online supplier of some of the best personal protective equipment available on the market right now. With a robust selection, plentiful supply, and competitive prices, you won’t find better masks anywhere else. 

We here at WellBefore are happy to provide multiple 3M N95 medical respirator masks to fit your unique needs. And with masks for sale in small quantities and in bulk (with a wholesale discount) you can always find exactly what you need to protect your team. Plus, we know that time is of the essence, which is why we offer 48-hour shipping on all masks in stock, along with automated restock notifications. 

Ready to invest in your team’s safety so that you can do work your community relies on? We’re here to help make it possible. Make sure to check out our available stock and place your order today!



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