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Non-Latex Gloves: Durable & In-Stock
Non-Latex Gloves: Durable & In-Stock

Non-Latex Gloves

Non-latex gloves are essential in medical and other hygiene-related environments. They protect healthcare and other workers from harm, including protection from infections, blood-borne pathogens, and injuries.

There are plenty of options for medical-grade gloves. Disposable gloves exist in both latex and non-latex disposable forms, and the latex-free gloves come in handy for those with latex allergy reactions. They're mainly made out of synthetic materials, most commonly nitrile and vinyl.

Polyisoprene (PI) is also a synthetic material that mimics the fit, feel, and comfort of latex material, but without the risk of an allergic reaction during use.

Disposable PI Gloves

PI has the same molecular structure as natural rubber latex. This means PI gloves have the same characteristics as latex gloves, but they provide more robust protection, and nitrile-like durability.Our PI gloves are perfect for surgical applications, come in the standard cuff length and the following features:

  • Tested and passed the viral penetration according to ASTM F1671 and F1670.
  • Designed with anti-slip smooth finish that prevents slippage
  • Packed individually to maintain sterility

As long as preparation is done and the directions of use for bone cement are followed, this glove also provides a protective barrier for handling mixed bone-cement products.

Other Latex-Free Hand Protection

Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are an excellent substitute for latex gloves. Made from synthetic rubber that doesn't trigger latex allergies, these nitrile gloves are handy when handling corrosive and potentially hazardous chemicals. The gloves provide excellent puncture resistance and protection against various chemicals, including alcohols, acids, and alkalis. However, some users complain that nitrile gloves are not as flexible and elastic as their latex counterparts.

Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are made of a petroleum-based material film or PVC. They are easy and affordable to manufacture, making them ideal for jobs that require frequent glove changes. These vinyl gloves offer limited protection against biomedical and chemical hazards. Our medical-grade vinyl disposable gloves are suitable as medical exam gloves.

Shop Quality Latex-Free Gloves for Medical Uses

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