N95 Medical Respirator Mask

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WellBefore N95-V1 N95 Folding Medical Respirator Face Mask - FDA & EUA Approved
  • FDA & EUA Approved
  • Individually sealed and packaged
  • Sterile
  • Adjustable Head Straps
  • 95% or More Filtration
  • 5 Layers of Protection
  • Manufacturer Documents Available Upon Request

Our FDA & EUA approved medical use N95 folding respirator face mask comes with 5 layers of non-woven fabric. They contain breathable properties, are skin-friendly and soft. This product can be used in various settings and works against air pollutants, pollen, allergies and dust particles.

  • Our WellBefore N95 Medical Use Mask is on the FDA & EUA Approved list.

  • Our WellBefore N95 Mask is approved for Medical Use for blood resistance, body fluid resistance, droplets resistance and others.

  • Our WellBefore N95 Medical Use Mask meets the GB 19083-2010 Standard for protective respirator for medical use for filtration efficiency greater than 95%.

  • Our WellBefore N95 Medical Use Mask is individually wrapped and sealed as sterile, which prevents any problems or concerns around sanitization and sterilization during the shipment process. 

  • Our WellBefore N95 Medical Use Mask has adjustable HEAD straps that wrap around your head for a tight seal and comfortable fit. These are not ear loop designs.

Lab Results and FDA EUA Approval

We have nothing to hide, reach out to us and we'll send you all the paperwork you require to prove that our masks are legitimate. 

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Customer Reviews

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GREAT FIT and comfortable

Comfortable and great fit.

Good fit, fast delivery, good price.

The N95 is a much better fit on my small face than the surgical masks I had been using. I like the fact that they are not over the ears. My only complaint was that the nose wire made the bridge of my nose sore, and I wore it only for about 2 hours to have a physical therapy session. I wonder why the instructions said to keep away from sunlight? I thought that ultraviolent light kills the virus.

Thank you for choosing us! we have sent you an email to help you out! stay safe!

Great service

Very happy with my mask order. Received order in a timely manner. Will order again.

We love to hear that from you! Thank you so much comment and stay safe!

Well Before Brand N-95 Mask

This is my new favorite in N-95 mask. While it is not NOISH-approved, it has five layers and is very comfortable. If you need to wear a mask all day at work, this is the one for you. I have a petite/narrow face and appreciate how both behind-the-head straps can be adjusted to get the perfect seal. If you wear your hair in a ponytail or hat, , the straps will not pull down uncomfortably on your head. I am extremely high-risk for severe COVID and am grateful to have obtained these masks at a reasonable price.

Thank you so much for your detailed review of our product! Have a great day and stay safe!

Safe & Smooth

Very Light, smells good, has the back of the head straps, no more ear bending, fair price, glad I bought some.

Thanks for the awesome review! Stay safe!


N95 .....This is the best fit . I really feel safe wearing this mask! Great customer service and speedy delivery
I have ordered multiple times

that is really great! thank you so much for choosing us! Stay safe!

Great mask & Company

Real N95 Mask is sturdy yet super comfortable with a nice tight seal everywhere. Wellbefore immediately responded to and cleared up some shipping confusion caused totally by USPS. They deliver a great product and truly care about their customers.

Thank you so much for your support! Stay safe!

Excellent product

The N95 masks arrived quickly and are of excellent quality. Thank you.

Thank you so much for choosing us! stay safe!

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