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RespoKare NIOSH N95 Masks

If you are looking for protection, strength, and effectiveness, purchasing a RespoKare NIOSH-approved N95 mask should be your go-to. RespoKare is the result of Innonix Technologies’ research into creating an antiviral face mask and combining it with the ViraxTM.

WellBefore is an authorized RespoKare reseller and seller of the new N99 mask. We carry two RespoKare N95 Masks, both of which are FDA cleared, that you can use to protect yourself from airborne illnesses, such as influenza and COVID-19. Feel confident with your purchase, knowing your and your loved ones will be safe. 

Respokare® N95 Surgical Respirator Antiviral Face Mask

This Antiviral face mask has advanced technology and is the first FDA cleared Antiviral face mask based on inactivation of pandemic influenza viruses and under a new product category called OUK (Surgical Mask With Antimicrobial/Antiviral Agent).

The RespoKare N95 Surgical Respirator Antiviral Face mask can block 95% of 0.3 micron-sized particles and inactivates almost all of the particles in a matter of minutes. This inactivation-based technology is aimed at protecting you, and it’s highly effective. It’s been tested against 18 types of flu viruses and has been effective against protection from them.

This  n95 respirator mask is NIOSH-approved and is the model number RK-200-3041A. It has head straps and a nose pin to help better fit each individual’s face. These masks are very comfortable and meant to be as flexible and adjustable as possible while still protecting you from infection by airborne health hazards and small particles.

These masks come in three different sizes so that you can find the best fit for you for a secure seal. We carry large, medium, and small, which are most efficiently packaged when sold in increments of 10.

Respokare® Anti-Viral Surgical Face Mask

Similar to the Surgical Respirator Antiviral Mask, the RespoKare Anti-Viral Mask has antiviral activity that inactivates a wide range of pathogens, including 99.99 percent of 18 flu viruses, including Coronavirus, influenza, bird, and swine flu. It also defends against airborne pathogens like measles, SARS, and more. These Antiviral Face Masks are meant to be disposed of after their usages, especially if you are around those who might be able to transfer illness to you. 

This mask is made with 100 percent FDA-safe materials, including an antiviral layer and filter layer, and has the US-patented Active Protection Technology that helps to protect against different fine particles, droplets, viruses, and bacteria for lower risk of virus transmission.

When you purchase this mask, they come individually wrapped, which ensures that you are the first person to use the mask. These masks are very adjustable due to the metal nose piece that helps fit your face shape more specifically. They are also latex-free, dye-free, and non-toxic, making them safe for people who have sensitivities. 

This mask is one size fits all for adults. 

Copper and Zinc Warning

The N95 Surgical Respirator Antiviral Mask consists of 4-Layers containing a Hydrophilic Plastic Coating and Citric Acid acidic coating with a low pH environment on the Outer Layer and an Inner Anti-Viral (Blue) Layer incorporated with Copper and Zinc ions in the second layer. Because of this, if you are sensitive to Copper and Zinc, use caution and abide by warnings when wearing these masks.

Purchasing with WellBefore

WellBefore is a US-based business that supplies personal protective equipment, including the exclusive and highly effective n99 mask, all around the country. Our goal is to keep you comfortable and protected at record speed. We understand that getting our supplies as soon as possible is essential, so we ship most of our PPE products within 48 hours at your convenience.  

We offer bulk discounts and special pricing for hospitals, schools, and other critical front-line workers, like police and military personnel. Please reach out to a WellBefore representative if you would like to discuss discounts or questions about our products.


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