FLA Orthopedics® Cool-Lightweight Lumbar Sacral Support, Medium

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1 Lumbar Sacral Support
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About this item:

  • Ventilated elastic construction
  • Tapered front with 7-inch high back panel
  • Breathable elastic bands overlap for contouring
  • Four flexible plastic stays for light support
  • Soft plush finish comfortable against skin
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  • This lumbar sacral support is designed with a ventilated elastic construction making it cool and breathable
  • Tapered front and a 7-inch high back panel, so support doesn't jab the ribs of the shorter or the geriatric
  • 4-inch wide tapered and breathable elastic bands overlap for a contouring shape to most body types
  • Four flexible plastic stays in the back provide light support
  • A soft plush finish that can be worn against the skin without risk of irritation
  • Medium size is for those with 33 – 36 inch waists

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