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As an electrician, protecting your hands is of the utmost importance. Electrical safety gloves are crucial for various tasks and serve as the main barrier between the skin and the dangerous components that electricians are often exposed to on the job.

This post highlights the best electrician gloves, including disposable options, that will make your job easier. You may have a trusted pair of leather or insulated work gloves that you always use, but it's never a bad idea to have a few options on hand should you ever need them.

Why Use Electrical Gloves?

Gloves are the first (and only) absolute protection from electrical hazards on the job. From contact with electrical wires to potential shocks, scratches, and burns, gloves for electrical work are a no-brainer no matter what caliber of job you're working on.

Some electricians will only wear electrical gloves when performing their tasks, while others use disposable gloves for various duties on a job.

Each type of glove has its own purpose. High-voltage electrical gloves, for example, are designed for circuits or for work on power lines, particularly for linemen as they work on energized equipment. Low-voltage electrical gloves, on the other hand, are used for less dangerous tasks but are just as critical to protect electricians and technicians working with energized equipment, wiring, and other tasks.

Choosing the right electrician work gloves comes down to personal preference, what type of gloves you're comfortable wearing, and the specific tasks you'll be performing.

Key Features to Look for in Electrical Safety Gloves

There are quite a few beneficial features of quality electrical work gloves that you'll want to look for, whether you're purchasing these for yourself or your employees. The best gloves will typically include the following features:

  • Proper, superior grip for safety
  • Slip resistance to avoid accidents
  • A comfortable fit tailored to the individual
  • Lightweight and breathability
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Heat insulation to protect the hands

Nitrile Electrician Gloves

Nitrile is an ideal material for gloves for electrical work because it doesn't conduct or stimulate electricity. Nitrile offers impressive electrical current resistance, making it an excellent choice for safety gloves for technicians and electricians. Because of its resistance to electricity, nitrile is even used as a coating for electrical wires.

Benefits of Nitrile Gloves for Electrical Work

As a synthetic form of latex, nitrile has many benefits for electrical work. It is highly tear and puncture-resistant, so you'll have peace of mind if you come into contact with any sharp objects or components while working on a job. The durability of nitrile against electrical hazards makes it a popular choice for electrician work gloves and for good reason.

Nitrile is also highly chemical resistant, which is an added bonus for electricians. Some encounter more chemicals on the job than others, particularly those who offer a wider variety of services in their business. Electricians can save time using nitrile gloves because they are multi-purpose and can be utilized on an assortment of projects and tasks.

As a synthetic material, nitrile is easy to manufacture and comes at a very affordable price point. You'll find packs of gloves at very cost-effective prices to reduce the cost of electrical work.

The Top Nitrile Gloves for Electricians

Some of the best electrical work gloves are nitrile gloves; as discussed, nitrile gloves are appealing because of their resistant properties against electricity. They're also highly durable against punctures, tears, and abrasions. Here are some of our top picks for the best electrician gloves you'll find on WellBefore.

    McKesson Confiderm 6.5CX Extended Cuff Gloves

    McKesson has long been touted as one of the best glove manufacturers, and these extended-cuff nitrile gloves are no exception. These blue electricians gloves are tear and puncture resistant and offer textured fingertips for easy grip and mobility for a wide variety of tasks.

    Electricians will enjoy extra forearm protection thanks to the extended straight cuff and beaded texture for easy wear and removal on and off. The gloves are latex-free and designed for all skin types, making them a great choice for electricians and technicians.

      WellBefore Endeavor Nitrile Examination Gloves

      These nitrile exam gloves by WellBefore are a great option for electricians due to their superior dexterity and tear-resistant durability, and they also feature a smooth finish. They're also available for bulk orders, which can improve the cost per pair to further reduce overhead on electrical work.

      These nitrile powder-free exam gloves are designed with textured fingertips that provide a secure grip, even when hands are wet. They are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses to ensure a proper fit and efficiency for electricians to choose from

        Micro-Touch Nitrile Exam Gloves

        These non-sterile exam gloves are a snug fit, which some electricians prefer for their work. These gloves are comfortable and durable, offering a sturdy finish that allows for mobility and protection at the same time.

        This brand has been tested for use with over 55 chemicals, making them a safe option for a variety of industries and workers, from technicians to healthcare, food handling, cosmetology, and more.

          Touch of Life Nitrile Exam Gloves

          These exam gloves by Touch of Life are designed for protection against chemicals and drugs, including fentanyl, but can be used by electricians for the same caliber of protection for their hands.

          These gloves offer a textured grip on the fingertips for support with any task; from working with wire to electrical circuit boards, you'll have the confidence that your grip is secure.

          Vinyl Electrician Gloves

          Vinyl is another popular choice for work gloves for electricians, primarily because of the accessibility of these gloves and the versatility they offer on various jobs. Most importantly, vinyl is a very safe glove material that can be trusted by electricians (among many other industries).

          Benefits of Vinyl Gloves for Electrical Work

          Vinyl is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a standard synthetic material that is safe and gentle on the skin. Vinyl is also guaranteed latex-free, which is an appealing feature for people with latex allergies.

          It's also highly anti-static, making it a top choice for electricians working with electronics or materials with currents. Electricians won't have to worry about discharging static electricity when working on appliances or electronics while wearing vinyl gloves. Depending on your services and tasks, vinyl gloves may be a safe, practical choice for your business and employees.

          Vinyl gloves offer better grip and slip resistance than other disposable gloves for a safer and more productive workplace. They're highly resistant to tearing and stretching as well.

          Arguably one of the most appealing vinyl gloves' features for companies is their affordability. Because PVC is a highly manufactured material, vinyl gloves are a very cost-effective product to supply to large workplaces or employees. Purchase vinyl gloves in bulk and stop stressing about the hefty price tag—there isn't one!

          The Top Vinyl Gloves for Electricians

          Electricians' gloves come in a few different materials, with vinyl being one of the most affordable and accessible options for companies. Here are our top picks for vinyl protective gloves for electrical work that you'll find on WellBefore. Our disposable gloves are FDA approved and can protect you and your staff against non-hazardous materials in various commercial settings.

            McKesson Confiderm Vinyl Exam Gloves

            The McKesson Confiderm vinyl gloves are latex-free and powder-free, making them a convenient alternative for those with sensitive skin or a latex allergy. Their beaded cuffs make them easy to take on and off, while the smooth polymer surface offers premium comfort during wear.

            Designed for ambidextrous use, these vinyl gloves will work well in most settings for electricians. They are single-use gloves and offer a standard cuff length to fit most users.

              WellBefore Endeavor Vinyl Gloves

              WellBefore Endeavor vinyl gloves are latex-free and offer light-duty strength and durability. Users can rest assured these gloves are tear and puncture-resistant while providing a snug, comfortable fit.

              With great durability, and elasticity, these safety gloves will support your work with a superior grip and a perfect fit. The beaded cuff keeps them securely in place while protecting the wrist and hands from potential low-risk electrical hazards.

                Trilon Vinyl Gloves

                Trilon offers highly sturdy, ambidextrous vinyl gloves that are tear-resistant, puncture-resistant, and abrasion-resistant for heavy-duty use. Anyone wearing these gloves can have peace of mind knowing that their hands and skin are safe from potential burns, cuts, or scratches.

                The soft construction of these vinyl gloves makes them ideal for use in settings where you require a full range of motion, which is often the case with electrical work. If vinyl is your material of choice, these are some of the best electrician gloves money can buy.

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