Best Incontinence Pads for Heavy Leakage

Incontinence pads for heavy leakage

Embarking on a new year is an opportunity for fresh beginnings and improved well-being. If you’re grappling with the challenges of incontinence, the journey towards a more comfortable and confident lifestyle can start now.

Incontinence is a medical term describing the inability to control bowel movements, sometimes resulting in involuntary soiling. The CDC has found that more than 50% of older Americans struggle with incontinence, but it can also affect people of all ages. A report by the World Health Organization has also found that more 200 million people worldwide experience incontinence. Incontinence can be both bowel (fecal) or urinary incontinence, commonly a symptom of another underlying medical condition, and can be very frustrating and humiliating for those who experience it.

Fortunately, if you are tired of experiencing heavy leakage and embarrassing outcomes due to incontinence, there are a number of products that can help both caregivers and you, such as incontinence pads.

What are Incontinence Pads?

Incontinence pads are one of the solutions against fecal or urinary incontinence suggested for those who suffer from leakage of unwanted bowel movements onto their clothing, seated furniture or beds. Usually, although they come in many different variations, they are made of multi-layered materials that offer high absorbency, and can be designed out of cotton or paper materials.

Wearable incontinence pads are designed to be worn on their own or underneath clothing, and can be plastic backed or made of cloth. They can also have tabs for a more secure fit on your underwear, or they can be designed to look and fit like underwear but with high levels of absorbency.

What are Incontinence Underpads?

Underpads, on the other hand, are absorbent sheets designed to be placed underneath those who suffer from incontinence, as protection from leakage on beds, chairs and other surfaces. These are especially useful for caregivers that are taking care of those who deal with heavy leakage and are also immobile.

What to look for in Heavy Duty Incontinence Pads and Bed Pads?

The first step in managing your incontinence and finding the right products for you is to face the facts, as experts have found that up to 70% of people dealing with incontinence feel too humiliated to seek help for their condition. If you are reading this blog in an attempt to manage your condition better, you're already on the right track! Incontinence is a common medical issue, and is definitely nothing to be ashamed of.

Unfortunately, the National Association for Continence has reported that up to 80% of those suffering from incontinence are using the wrong products for their condition. A study by Finnegan Medical Supply also went on to find that 92% of the 375 participants who are wearing these incorrect products complained that their product needed to be more absorbent, not less.

That brings us to an important step to getting the right incontinence products for you: know your incontinence levels. Seeing as this article explores heavy duty incontinence pads, the assumption is you are struggling with heavy leakage, which is common, especially with those who are immobile and can't get to a restroom in time for their bowel movements.

Choosing the Best Incontinence Pads for Heavy Leakage

The next step, as outlined by the NAFC, is to follow the rule of the 3 Fs: Form, Fit and Function. The first “F”, form, refers to the styles and the features of the incontinence product. You need to choose your best incontinence pads or bed pads for heavy leakage based on your current lifestyle and personal preferences. There is a wide range of products available, and you might prefer bed pads if you were immobile, or you may want reusable pads instead of disposable ones; ultimately, the choice is yours. In terms of features, these products can come in different levels of odor protection, absorption speeds and volume of absorption. It is highly suggested that those suffering from heavy leakage find products that offer the highest percentage of absorption power possible. You also need to choose incontinence products that offer a moisture wicking feature that promotes your skin's health.

The “fit” step is pretty straightforward, referring to the importance of choosing the right size and fit of the product you intend to purchase. Most incontinence product manufacturers mark their sizes in the well-known Xsmall, small, medium, etc. measurements, which might make it difficult to determine exactly what you would need based on your sizing. There are ways to get around this, however, including some trial and error, looking at some helpful tools like sizing charts online, or even contacting the supplier who can help you in this process. One last thing to keep in mind when it comes to fit: think about if you need the product to be discreet, hidden under your clothing, or whether this is not a factor for you; larger incontinence pads may be more exposing than others.

Function, the 3rd F, simply refers to what you need the product for. One critical thing to keep in mind, for example, is that menstrual products like maxi pads are not in any way an adequate replacement for incontinence pads! Their functions are completely different, as soaking up menstrual flow is not the same as absorbing urine or fecal matter. Heavy duty incontinence pads are more absorbent and can hold a much higher percentage of fluids than menstrual pads. Menstrual products also don't account for as much odor control nor the proper amount of skin protection (as urine is acidic and can heavily damage skin, for example, which menstrual pads do not account for).

Choosing the Best Bed Pads for Heavy Leakage

There are three factors to consider when choosing a bed pad: absorbency, size, and comfort. Of course, you'll want the highest absorbency power possible, but also without sacrificing your comfort. There are bed pads that are smaller, but also some that can cover the entire area of the bed. Since you will be placing them underneath you when you sleep, choosing one with a quilted soft top and moisture wicking layer is sure to keep you comfortable at night.

    The Best Incontinence Pads and Bed Pads for Heavy Leakage?

    Often, people experiencing incontinence will find it difficult to purchase an incontinence product directly from a store, due to the embarrassment they feel from that transaction. The good news is you can easily avoid this by shopping for them online from the privacy of your own home. WellBefore even offers discreet shipping that can help you avoid any anxiety or uncomfortable conversations due to your purchase!

    WellBefore's heavy duty incontinence bed pads on our website are available in many sizes, all the way up to 36 x 54 inches and are ultra strong and super absorbent. They could come in packs from 5 underpads up to 300, based on your storage and frequency of use needs, and there are both disposable and washable ones available.

    WellBefore also offers heavy absorbency wearable incontinence products, which include heavy duty incontinence briefs and underwear, as well as incontinence pads, with design options for both female and male use. The pads could include many features, such as refastenable tabs or others with adhesive strips, so that you can find the ones that provide you with the perfect fit.

    Even though the NAFC has reported that many often get overwhelmed and choose the wrong incontinence products, at WellBefore we strive to prevent that from happening to you. Shop all the available options on our website, or contact our 24/7 customer service for more specific information about your needs.