Glove Sizing Chart: Find Your Size in Nitrile, Vinyl, and Latex Gloves

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Almost every kind of manual work requires adequate hand protection, so finding properly fitting protective gloves should be on top of your shopping list. The question is, how do you choose the gloves that will fit just right? This guide is here to help you!

Why Is Glove Size Important?

If you're involved in jobs and tasks that include handling potentially toxic substances, hazardous chemicals, and sharp tools, you need the right size of gloves to keep you safe from hand injuries. Besides just protection, working with well-fitting gloves also helps you carry out your tasks with optimal comfort, so you can move with ease while you work.

How to Measure Hand Size for Gloves

To make sure you buy the right glove size for your needs, first you need to measure your hand. To do this, you need a flexible measuring tape.

Step 1: Wrap the measuring tape all the way around the widest part of your hand, just below the knuckles, without including your thumb. Note the measurement both in inches (in) and centimeters (cm). Label it as the horizontal measurement.

Step 2: Take another measurement from the tip of your middle finger (the highest point) to the base of your hand. Note the measurement in both inches (in) and centimeters (cm). Label it as the vertical measurement.

If you don't have a measuring tape, you can use a piece of string to map out the lengths and widths, on your hand, then simply place the string on a ruler to get the measurement.

Once you've taken the two measurements accordingly, always refer to the sizing charts provided by the supplier or manufacturer to find the perfect glove size for you.

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Some manufacturers may only offer one size (e.g., 5 ½ in) instead of a range (e.g., 7½ in to 8½ in). In this case, choose the larger number from your vertical or horizontal measurements and round it up. For instance, if your horizontal measurement is 6.5 in and your vertical measurement is 7.8 in, choose the 7.8 in and round it up to 8. That means your glove size is 8 inches.

WellBefore Glove Sizing Charts

Knowing your hand measurement is important because glove sizes can vary slightly, depending on the manufacturer. That means you will need to refer to every manufacturer's glove size chart when deciding which glove size to get.

WellBefore's selection of high-quality, puncture-resistant, extra durable nitrile, vinyl, and latex gloves are available in a wide variety of glove size options. Refer to the table below for our sizing chart organized by each manufacturer.

Endeavor Nitrile Examination Gloves Sizing Chart

These Endeavor Nitrile Examination Gloves come in a range of colors and thicknesses, and are available in sizes XS, Small, Medium, Large, and XL.


Horizontal Measurement

Vertical Measurement

Extra Small (XS)

3.07 in (7.8 cm)

9.65 in (24.5 cm)

Small (S)

3.46 in (8.8 cm)

9.65 in (24.5 cm)

Medium (M)

3.86 in (9.8 cm)

9.65 in (24.5 cm)

Large (L)

4.25 in (10.8 cm)

9.65 in (24.5 cm)

Extra Large (XL)

4.65 in (11.8 cm)

9.65 in (24.5 cm)

McKesson Surgical Gloves

These natural rubber latex gloves come in six different models.

Glove Model

Available Sizes (in inches)

Average Length

McKesson Perry® Latex Surgical Gloves

5 ½, 6, 6 ½, 7, 7 ½, 8, 8 ½, 9

11.7 in (2.98 cm)

McKesson Perry® AquaTouch™ Latex Surgical Gloves

5 ½, 6, 6 ½, 7, 7 ½, 8, 8 ½, 9

11.7 in (2.98 cm)

McKesson Perry® Micro-Thin Latex Surgical Gloves

5 ½, 6, 6 ½, 7, 7 ½, 8, 8 ½, 9

11.7 in (2.98 cm)

McKesson Perry® Polyisoprene Surgical Gloves

5 ½, 6, 6 ½, 7, 7 ½, 8, 8 ½, 9

12.1 in (3.05 cm)

McKesson Perry® Neoprene Surgical Gloves

5 ½, 6, 6 ½, 7, 7 ½, 8, 8 ½, 9

12.2 in (3.10 cm)

McKesson Perry® Neoprene Sensitive Surgical Gloves

5 ½, 6, 6 ½, 7, 7 ½, 8, 8 ½, 9

12.2 in (3.10 cm)

Get the Perfect Gloves at WellBefore

With a wide range of sizes, materials, and styles to choose from, WellBefore makes it easy to find the perfect gloves for your needs. By choosing high-quality, unisex gloves that fit your hands well, you're making an investment in your comfort, safety, and overall well-being. Take a look at the selection of gloves at WellBefore today and find the perfect pair for you!