Derma Sciences DuSoft Non-woven Gauze Sponges

Our Customers love WellBefore!

Our Customers love WellBefore!

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Derma Sciences DuSoft Non-woven Gauze Sponges - General Wound Care - Nonwoven Sponge

  • 4 ply
  • Nonwoven sponges produce less lint and are less adherent than woven gauze sponges, so cause less disruption to newly formed granulation tissue
  • Rayon/polyester blend provides fast wicking properties while being highly absorbent, minimizing skin maceration
Nonwoven Sponge Dusoft Polyester / Rayon 4-Ply 2 X 2 Inch Square Sterile

Dusoft Sterile Nonwoven Sponge, 2 x 2 Inch,


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