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Face Shields

Add an extra layer to your personal protection plan with a clear plastic face shield. Well Before has a robust supply of protective face shields for sale to complement other PPE staples, including three-ply, N95, and KN95 face masks.

Face shields cover the eyes, mouth, and nose, the key avenues of infection by many airborne contaminants. Disease-causing agents like viruses and bacteria enter the air via water droplets that infected persons expel by coughing, sneaking, speaking, yelling, or singing. A safety face shield creates a protective barrier to block those particles. 

Padded face shield visors are comfortable to wear, making them ideal face shields for teachers, medical personnel, customer service representatives, food service employees, and other essential workers. Well Before has plastic face shield masks which are replaceable, disposable—no cleaning necessary, just use, discard, and replace. 

Well Before is committed to providing affordable protective face shields for medical first responders, front-line essential workers, air travelers, and consumers interested in a little extra protection.

Our face shields for sale are:

  • Padded and adjustable for comfortable all-day wearing
  • Fog-resistant for visibility and convenience
  • Clear, glare-resistant, and scratch-resistant
  • Transparent & ensure direct splash protection
  • Resistant to impact and high temperatures
  • Suitable for long-wearing, all day
  • Double-sized shield available for extra coverage
  • For children as well as adults 
  • CE-Approved

For maximum protection of self and others, we recommend pairing a plastic protective face shield with a N95 medical respirator mask or KN95.

Doctors recommend face shields for teachers and especially children in classroom settings, as face shields discourage touching of the eyes, which may cause people to become infected with germs that have stuck to the hands after touching contaminated surfaces.

Wondering where to buy face shields ? 

Look no further.

Well Before has a robust supply of protective face shields in stock, sourced from reputable manufacturers and rigorously tested for maximal effectiveness.

We make all certification documents available to our customers upon request. Want to know why we are so confident about a product we sell?

Just ask, and we’ll send it over to you!

Our customers in multiple industries trust us for their supply of affordable, comfortable face shields, including:

  • Medical Professionals & Hospitals
  • Food & Restaurants
  • Dental
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Travel

We are constantly getting resupplies of critical PPE like safety face shield masks so feel free to stock up now.