Surgilast Tubular Elastic Net Retainer Dressing

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Our Customers love WellBefore!

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Surgilast Tubular Elastic Net Retainer Dressing - General Wound Care - Elastic Net Retainer Dressing

  • Large for heads, shoulders and thighs
  • Stretches up to 25-1/2 inches
  • Size 6
  • Length is 10 yards
  • Tubular elastic stretch net is designed to serve as a secondary dressing, applying gentle pressure to keep bandages or other medical devices securely in place without adhesive tape
  • Ideal for securing burn or post-op dressings, hot or cold packs, IV tubes, incontinence pads and decubitus ulcer dressings
  • Easy to customize
  • Allows maximum air-flow
Elastic Net Retainer Dressing Surgilast® Tubular Elastic 10 Yard Size 6 White Large Head / Shoulder / Thigh NonSterile

Surgilast® Elastic Net Retainer Dressing, Size 6, 10 Yard


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