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What Are the Best Incontinence Pads for Men?

The best incontinence pads for men are highly absorbent, can secure both liquid and bowel matter, and prevent leaks from happening at home or anywhere else as you go about your life as normal.

Male incontinence occurs when there's an issue with a man's urinary tract. There are several health issues related to male incontinence, from prostate problems and damaged muscles in the urethra to an overflowing bladder.

Fortunately, there are medications to treat underlying issues and lifestyle changes that can combat incontinence. Absorbent incontinence protection pads are a helpful tool to continue living an active lifestyle and alleviate any stress related to the issue.

What Are Incontinence Pads?

Incontinence pads are highly absorbent cotton pads used by men and women to prevent urinary or bowel leaks onto seats, beds, and pants during the day and overnight.

Some incontinence pads are disposable, while others are made from high-quality washable cotton so they can be washed and worn again.

In the same way that diapers absorb liquid, incontinence pads have a hydrophobic layer to soak up urine and keep any liquid or wetness away from the skin, keeping it dry and comfortable.

The pads are typically worn inside the underwear. Designed for people with light, severe, or moderate incontinence, these pads have an adhesive strip to easily attach to underwear and stay securely in place.

Generally speaking, an incontinence pad should be changed every time it's soiled. It may need to be changed more frequently in cases of more frequent incontinence.

If you have light incontinence and wear them primarily for overnight sleep, the pad should be changed immediately when you wake up in the morning.

People with sensitive skin may need to change an incontinence pad more frequently to avoid irritation.

Incontinence protection comes in several forms, including oval-shaped pads, male guards, pull-ons or protective underwear, adult briefs, and booster pads.

Our 2023 Picks for the Best Men's incontinence Pads

Whether you are shopping for yourself or someone you care for, here are a few of the best incontinence pads money can buy.

Tranquility Premium Overnight Premium Underwear

Look no further than Tranquility Premium Overnight Underwear for the best incontinence briefs.

These briefs feature pull-on and tear-away seams, breathable sides, and a full-rise waist panel for a comfortable fit. They are disposable and made from soft, absorbent material that isn't bulky or overbearing.

The absorbent peach core promotes skin dryness and urine pH neutralization. Kufguards® inner leg cuffs direct fluid to the absorbent core, containing large amounts of urine or bowel incontinence.

    TENA Dry Comfort Protective Underwear

    For moderate to heavy leak protection, TENA Dry Comfort Protective Underwear offers a soft, cloth-like, breathable material while looking and feeling like standard underwear.

    Super-absorbent polymers wick moisture and reduce unpleasant odors, ensuring all-day wear.

      Prevail Per-Fit 360 Daily Briefs

      For the best in breathability, maximum protection, and comfort, Prevail Per-Fit 360 Daily Briefs check every box.

      Featuring maximum plus absorbency for heavy bladder leakage and "refastenable" tabs for easy adjustment, there's not much more you could ask for in a daily brief with absorbent pads.

      Ensure skin health with Microclimate Care™ and heavy absorbency power for leak prevention throughout the day.

        Depend Men Guards Pads

        Depend Men Guards Pads offer maximum absorbency with a cup-like design to ensure confidence if you have large surges.

        With Comfort-Flex® leak barriers for additional security and worry-free odor protection, you'll be confident that your clothing and bedding will remain dry. The pads are individually wrapped in pocket-sized discreet pouches.

          TENA MEN Protective Underwear

          TENA provides the best in male pads and protective underwear, and the disposable TENA MEN Protective Underwear is no exception.

          With soft, comfortable tri-laminate material that feels like real underwear, these incontinence briefs are designed for high absorbency and odor protection.

          Enjoy the comfort of a soft, stretchy waistband for daily wear with moderate to heavy incontinence protection.

            Prevail Belted Shields

            With a waist belt and button closure, Prevail Belted Shields will ensure the leak protection you need with light to moderate leak prevention.

            The MaxSorb™ Gel absorbs moisture and keeps you feeling fresh and dry all day. The 360° Breathable Zones™ allow air to circulate for comfort. The reusable straps and reinforced buttonholes ensure a secure fit.

              Cardinal Health SURE CARE Plus Protective Underwear

              For a cloth-like moisture barrier and easy removal and disposal, Cardinal Health SURE CARE Protective Underwear offers a discreet and dignified product with absorbency power to keep clothing and bedding dry.

              With odor control to keep unwanted smells at bay and breathable material for a perfect anatomical fit, SURE CARE light incontinence pads are highly efficient and offer tear-away seams for easy removal.

                Tranquility TopLiner Booster Contour Pads

                For a heavy surge, Tranquility TopLiner Booster Contour Padsfeature a flow-thru pad that fills to capacity, then passes additional fluid to the primary undergarment.

                These contour pads hold up to 27.5 ounces. They prevent any leakage, rash, and irritation to improve overnight comfort. This incontinence booster pad offers super-plus absorbency, and one size fits most.

                  Attends Bariatric Underwear

                  Attends Bariatric Underwear is designed to fit larger bodies and offers an Odor Shield for confidence and dignity. The ConfidenceCuff provides secure leak protection around the legs, while the contoured, elastic waistband offers a more comfortable fit.

                  Made with cloth-like, breathable fabric and an increased core size to ensure optimal coverage, you'll have the confidence and security to go about your day as normal with Attends on.

                    Considering Men's Pads for Incontinence?

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