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Suffering from bowel incontinence presents its own unique challenges. Not only can it be uncomfortable and difficult to deal with, but it can also result in feelings of embarrassment or shame.

However, fecal incontinence is a common problem, particularly in old age, and it doesn't have to be a source of anxiety and shame. Luckily, various solutions are available to help with managing fecal incontinence.

Finding the Right Products to Help with Fecal Incontinence

There's a range of products, from adult diapers to disposable pads to protective briefs, that can help with managing fecal incontinence problems.

Pads and liners are made to fit inside your underwear, providing an extra layer of protection from minor bowel incontinence. Adult diapers provide protection for minor and major leakage episodes, allowing you more freedom to do what you want. Many have tabs that fold down to cover your underwear and prevent leaks.

Comparing Different Adult Diaper Styles

Disposable adult diapers and protective briefs are made to be worn in place of regular underwear, allowing maximum coverage. They are often made in pull-on styles, with tear-away tabs for easy removal.

Other adult diapers are designed for ease of use for caregivers, with adjustable waist tabs for patients with limited mobility. In addition, washable adult diapers can be reused, cutting down on excess waste.

Products like these are easily available online, making managing bowel incontinence a lot less difficult. With an extra layer of protection, you no longer have to worry about rushing to the bathroom or losing control of your bowels unexpectedly.

Considerations for Choosing the Right Diaper for You

There are multiple factors to consider that can help you find the best adult diapers for managing incontinence.


An absorbent pad or adult diaper can help eliminate odors and reduce leakage, ensuring that accidents stay contained. Highly absorbent pads can also wick away excess moisture from the skin and help prevent rashes and other skin irritations.

Absorbency levels on many products range from moderate to extra-absorbent, depending on whether you struggle with light fecal incontinence or regular occurrences. 

Check our our guide on diaper absorbency levels, including tips on finding the most absorbent options on the market. 


Adult diapers typically come in a range of sizes from small to extra large, allowing you to find the one most suited to you. Many brands also offer elastic waistbands for a secure fit or adjustable tabs for easy wear. Some adult diapers and briefs also have elastic leg openings to provide all-around protection.


Comfort is also important when deciding on the right fecal incontinence product. The best adult diapers and pads will help you feel relaxed and secure while staying protected. Many products are designed to be discreet and comfortable, allowing you to maintain your privacy and peace of mind in public.

The Best Adult Diapers for Both Men and Women

There are various styles of adult diapers for women and men, helping you find the most comfortable fit for your body. Men's diapers for bowel incontinence provide additional support in the front, while women's styles may allow for maximum conformity in fit.

Find some of the most popular and well-reviewed items from our selection below, suited for various situations.

    1. Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear

    This overnight brief from Tranquility is one of the best-selling styles for good reasons. Its heavy absorbency level keeps you dry through the night, and many reviewers appreciate their wide range of sizes, from XS to XXL, for different body types.

    Tranquility allows for a comfortable fit with a flexible, high-waist shape and breathable side panels. This design uses Kufguards® signature leg cuffs, some of the best at keeping leaks contained to maximize absorbency.

      2. TENA Classic Protective Underwear

      The TENA Classic Protective Underwear looks and feels like regular underwear while providing great protection. They're made with a cloth-like fabric that maximizes comfort, absorption, and odor prevention.

      Their moderate absorbency level makes them perfect for discreet everyday use, helping you forget about minor leaks and fecal incontinence.

        3. Prevail Daily Underwear

        The Prevail Daily Underwear is another great option for moderate to heavy everyday wear. Its specially designed layers make for the perfect combination of absorption, odor control, breathability, and comfort.

        Prevail offers many exclusive features, such as their MaxSorb™ Gel Technology, which locks in moisture to keep you feeling fresh and dry. The Skin Smart® fabric is also hypoallergenic and great for your skin, with added vitamin E, aloe, and chamomile.

          4. AIR-Plus Bariatric Disposable Briefs

          These bariatric briefs are ideal for caretakers who help adults with uncontrollable bowel movements. They provide maximum protection with up to one quart of absorbency and feature Kufgaurds® leg cuffs.

          They also include wetness indicators which show you when the brief is wet, and their design prioritizes ease of changing and comfort for the wearer.

            5. Cardinal Health WINGS Super Quilted Adult Briefs

            For a great adult diaper option with wings, this offer from Cardinal Health is a safe bet. It offers high-density absorbency at the core and a soft, quilted liner fabric for comfortable wear.

            Their adjustable tabs can expand to fit several sizes and are refastenable for easy putting on and taking off. These are a great option for those who find pull-ups too difficult to wear, or for adults needing assistance changing.

            Finding the best option for your situation can provide protection and discretion, allowing you to live free from the worry that accompanies fecal incontinence.

              Manage Bowel Incontinence Any Time of Day

              Managing fecal incontinence while you sleep is important. The good news is, there are also pads and adult diapers designed for overnight use, providing security from fecal incontinence while you sleep.

              Nighttime pads and overnight adult diapers are designed with ultimate breathability for eight hours or more of usage. They're also made with maximum comfort in mind, reducing bulkiness while providing a high level of absorbency, allowing you to sleep easily.

              Overnight bed underpads can also lay over top of your sheets or mattress to protect them from accidental leaks, creating an extra layer of protection.

              Shopping Adult Diapers and Incontinence Products with WellBefore

              At WellBefore, we know that the right incontinence products can make all the difference when dealing with bowel issues. That's why we aim to provide the widest selection and best prices to help you access the best product for your needs.

              We also keep your privacy in mind with discreet delivery options, while providing some of the fastest shipping available. You can also ensure that you have a regular supply of adult diapers and save on repeat orders with our auto-ship feature.

              Adult diapers and pads can help keep you clean and healthy, preserving your dignity. Browse our full range of products, and start living your life worry-free today.