Kimberly Clark (Kimtech™) 53358 N95 Pouch Respirator - NIOSH Approved

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Kimberly Clark Kimtech™ 53358 N95 Pouch Respirator Face Mask

The Kimberly Clark Kimtech™ N95 NIOSH approved pouch respirator (#53358) is designed to help guard against the risks posed by airborne particles and contaminants. These masks come with a foam head strap as seen in the images. 

This respirator is NIOSH-certified as an N95 particulate filter respirator, demonstrating that it provides a minimum 95% filtration efficiency of 0.3 micron particles (though not oil resistant).

The pouch-style respirator offers the wearer a large duckbill-style breathing chamber to maximize comfort. In addition, the N95 comes with a comfort fit head band and a bendable nosepiece to customize fit and ensure a consistent seal.


  • NIOSH Approved
  • Model: 53358 (KimTech)
  • NIOSH Approval: TC-84A-9042
  • The lot number shown in the picture of the mask may not be the same as the lot number of the masks you will receive. Lot numbers differ from time to time.
  • Orders under 50 pieces or in increments that are less than 50 pieces will not include the original box.
  • Duckbill pouch design with a large breathing chamber for added comfort
  • Consistent seal to ensure proper fit
  • Comfort fit headband
  • Bendable nose piece
  • Made in the USA, TAA-compliant
  • Two layers of electro-static treated melt-blown filters
  • Minimum 95% filtration for 0.3 micron particles
  • Size: ~24.13cm (width) x 10.16cm (height)
  • Type: Head Straps - Over the head

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Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews

The mask fit perfect. It’s the most comfortable one I’ve tried so far. Fast shipping. Will be purchasing from again.

That's awesome! We are happy to see you happy.

Better Fit

Turns out I have a small head and have had trouble finding an N95 grade mask that fits securely and comfortably. Although it is odder looking than some masks, this one is a better fit and more comfortable. I will be buying more.

It indeed has a curious shape but it is a great mask!

Great protection, great value

I needed to stock up on some more PPE, so I tried these and I’m pleased. They fit snug and the nosepiece is flexible but holds its shape to enhance the seal around my face. I’m more confident using these. I’m also familiar with Kimberly Clark.

One can not go wrong with these!

Great order fulfillment

Ordering was easy, shipping good. I like the ease of mind with getting a brand name product. I did realize that straps around the head are not as comfortable for me.

Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you had an issue with the headstraps. Remember to stretch them before using the mask. Stay safe.

Glad they got to me.

These duckbill masks are funny looking but what mask isn’t?

Thank you for your review! It makes us happy knowing our customers find these great for them despite the fashion quirk. Stay safe!

CDC Approved

IWell fitting face masks and much easier to breath in with the duck bill design. I will be wearing one on my flight next week.

We love that you love our quality products! Stay safe.


Quick service. Will be used for travel.comfortable fit with straps around back

It truly makes us happy to learn this! Come back for more when you need it. Stay safe.

Excellent product, outstanding customer service

I ordered some 3M V-flex N95 respirators to try, but sadly I was allergic to the material. I informed these guys and wow!; they offered to exchange unused 3M respirators for the Kimberly Clark N95 respirators (which I had been using without any issues). Now I have Kimberly Clarks; I love these; they are so light and comfortable while forming a complete seal around my face and chin. In addition, I like the headbands. They are superior to the rubbery headbands and not stapled on.

Thank you so much for this review! we really aim to always make things right for our customers! we are really glad we could help! stay safe!

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