Kimberly Clark (Kimtech™) N95 NIOSH 53358 Pouch Respirator

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Kimberly Clark Kimtech™ 53358 N95 NIOSH Pouch Respirator Face Mask

The Kimberly Clark Kimtech™ N95 NIOSH approved pouch respirator (#53358) is designed to help guard against the risks posed by airborne particles and contaminants. These masks come with a foam head strap as seen in the images. 

This respirator is NIOSH-certified as an N95 particulate filter respirator, demonstrating that it provides a minimum 95% filtration efficiency of 0.3 micron particles (though not oil resistant).

The pouch-style respirator offers the wearer a large duckbill-style breathing chamber to maximize comfort. In addition, the N95 comes with a comfort fit head band and a bendable nosepiece to customize fit and ensure a consistent seal.


  • NIOSH-approved as N95 particulate filter respirator (TC84A-9042)
  • Duckbill pouch design with a large breathing chamber for added comfort
  • Consistent seal to ensure proper fit
  • Comfort fit headband
  • Bendable nose piece
  • Made in the USA, TAA-compliant
  • Two layers of electro-static treated melt-blown filters
  • Minimum 95% filtration for 0.3 micron particles
  • Size: ~24.13cm (width) x 10.16cm (height)
  • Sold per piece. These masks do not come with a box, they come straight from the manufacturer in 50 count plastic bags with their label (see image above). Bags will be provided to customers who order in increments of 50.
  • Type: Head Straps - Over the head

Certifications: NIOSH-approved as N95 particulate filter respirator (TC84A-9042).

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Customer Reviews

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Great quality

I was surprised there were no straps on the mask but can personalize the sizing of what I will add for myself and family. The quality seems great, material that is more comfortable on the face than other masks I have used. Service and shipping were prompt!

Thank you so much for this review! we are here to help! just sent you an email to help you out to see the straps on the masks! have a great day and stay safe!

I like this mask!

I’m happy with this mask. I’ve tried a number of others and this is the most comfortable and works well.

We are happy to know about that! Thanks for your review!

prompt service as promised

Have ordered masks a couple of times from HonestPPE and have every intention of continuing to. We have appreciated their reliability.

Many thanks for your review! We are glad to have you as our customer!

Good mask, but small.

This fits my 97 pound wife just fine. But me, 6' tall and paunchy, not so much. Its a good mask but made for small people.

Great customer service

I found this particular mask didn’t fit my needs, but after reaching out to customer service, I was directed to a mask that most accommodated me. I will buy masks, supplies etc., from Wellbefore again. I particularly like that they care about the community and our safety.

We will always try to help as much as we can! we are glad we could help you!

I love these

Though they don't look like other masks (they're also called "duckbill" masks for a reason), these are the first masks Ive used that don't fog my glasses. I've started wearing them to the grocery store and feel safe from the occasional other shopper either not wearing a mask for who wears their mask with their nose hanging out. AND I can see the produce since, as I mentioned, my glasses don't fog.

Thank you for this great review! we are so glad we can provide the right masks for you! stay safe!

Bad seal

I wanted to like these Kimberly Clark duck bills but they have a very poor seal and it's so bad I'm afraid to wear them when I'm seeing patients. I wouldn't even go out in the community with these. I've tried everything but I can FEEL my breath escaping. I can't afford to wear these I might get sick. I don't know what to do with these since I've spent money on them.

Kimberly Clark N95 respirator

Very flimsy, not a tight seal.

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