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ProCare Protective Underwear
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ProCare Protective Underwear

ProCare absorbent underwear is a solution for individuals with urinary incontinence, ranging from mild to moderate. These super absorbent briefs feature quick-wick fabric, which dries moisture fast and redirects the liquid to the core. The breathable zones also keep the skin dry and healthy.

ProCare protective underwear uses MaxSoft technology, for ultimate comfort and breathability. The cloth-like outer fabric makes it feel like you're wearing regular underwear. Choose from various absorbency levels and sizes to fit your needs.

Features of ProCare Protective Underwear

Many features distinguish the ProCare Absorbent Pull-Up Underwear, including

  • Quick Wick technology redirects liquid to the core, keeping the skin healthy and dry.
  • MaxSoft technology captures fluid and lifts moisture away from the skin.
  • A discreet, comfortable barrier that resembles regular underwear.
  • Breathable zones that promote skin health.
  • A convenient slip-on or slip-off technology.
  • Unisex and latex-free designs.

These products come in different sizes and waist measurements to cater to different body types, making it easy to find a perfect fit. They feature a color-coded waistband, size, and pull-up position to make it easy to identify the right fit. This ensures that the user can quickly and easily find the right pair for their needs.

Shop ProCare protective underwear at WellBefore now and enjoy discreet, fast shipping and excellent customer service.