Coloplast SenSura Xpro Flat MAXI Urostomy Pouch

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Our Customers love WellBefore!

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Coloplast SenSura Xpro Flat MAXI Urostomy Pouch - Ostomy Pouches -

  • Anti-reflux valve - prevents the urine from washing over the stoma, reducing the risk of urinary infections
  • Soft tuck-away outlet - easy to use and can be tucked away when not in use. This prevents it from rubbing on your leg, offering more comfort and discretion
  • Multi-chambers - the pouch has been divided into chambers which spread the urine evenly within the pouch. This allows it to have a flat and discreet profile while reducing splashing sounds
Urostomy Pouch SenSura® One-Piece System 10-3/8 Inch Length, Maxi 3/8 to 3 Inch Stoma Drainable Flat, Pre-Cut

SenSura® One-Piece Drainable Transparent Urostomy Pouch, 10-3/8 Inch Length, 3/8 to 3 Inch Stoma,


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