ConvaTec AllKare Adhesive Remover Wipe

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Our Customers love WellBefore!

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ConvaTec AllKare Adhesive Remover Wipe - General Wound Care - Adhesive Remover

  • These AllKare® adhesive remover wipes facilitate the clean and gentle removal of adhesive applications from the skin
  • They provide a barrier film layer that prevents skin irritation, excoriation and adhesive build-up
  • With an isopropyl alcohol-free adhesive remover, these wipes are highly effective
  • The emollients in these skin adhesive removers infuse skin with moisture and leave it looking and feeling healthier
  • Their individual packaging makes sure they don't become cross-contaminated
Adhesive Remover AllKare® Wipe

AllKare Adhesive Remover Wipes


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