Dukal Absorbent Cover Sterile Top Sponges

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Our Customers love WellBefore!

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3 X 4 Inch
Box of 25

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Dukal Absorbent Cover Sterile Top Sponges - General Wound Care - Nonwoven Sponge

  • The 3 x 4 inch sterile non-woven sponges protect against contamination
  • They feature a non-woven exterior that forms a protective barrier around the wound to prevent against bacteria and airborne contaminants
  • The interior consists of a cellulose liner and rayon fill that's super absorbent, helping to draw moisture and fluids away from the injury
  • Latex-free medical supplies are suitable for all skin types
  • The cushioned non-woven 8-ply dressings insulate wounds to prevent re-opening
Nonwoven Sponge Dukal™ Cellulose / Rayon 8-Ply 3 X 4 Inch Rectangle Sterile

Dukal Cellulose/Rayon Non-Woven Sponge, 8-Ply, White, Sterile, 3 x 4 Inch


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