Kem-Safe OPA/Glutaraldehyde Neutralizer

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Our Customers love WellBefore!

40,000+ Reviews
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Kem-Safe OPA/Glutaraldehyde Neutralizer - Instrument High Level Disinfectants - OPA / Glutaraldehyde Neutralizer

  • One container will neutralize one (1) gallon
  • Eliminate toxic vapors created during disposal of waste solution
  • Dissolves easily into solution
  • Will not stain soaking containers, sinks, prevents black staining
  • Within 5 minutes neutralization is complete, and the solution is ready for safe disposal
  • Safe for use in automatic scopes washers
OPA / Glutaraldehyde Neutralizer Kem-Safe™ RTU Powder 6 oz. Container Single Use

Kem-Safe™ OPA/Glutaraldehyde Neutralizer


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