McKesson Vinyl Exam Glove

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McKesson Vinyl Exam Glove - Vinyl Medical Gloves - Exam Gloves


  • McKesson powder-free vinyl exam gloves protect your hands during patient exams
  • This disposable medical product is not sterile
  • Use a pair of these clear exam gloves for one patient exam only
  • The gloves have standard cuffs and rolled edges for easy on and off
  • Wear McKesson vinyl exam gloves on either the right or left hands
  • The smooth inner and outer surfaces create a comfortable fit for a natural touch
  • These size small powder-free exam gloves are not made for use with chemotherapy
Exam Glove McKesson Small NonSterile Vinyl Standard Cuff Length Smooth Clear Not Chemo Approved

McKesson Vinyl Exam Glove, Small, Clear,


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