Procare Foot Drop Brace, A.F.O. Super-Lite, Left Foot, One Size Fits Most

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1 Foot Drop Brace
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About this item:

  • Strong molded-injected polypropylene
  • Streamlined, low-profile with open heel
  • Fits inside most footwear
  • Trim to fit with scissors
  • Flexible for almost full range of motion
  • Soft strap to hold brace in place

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  • The foot brace for drop foot is made of strong, molded-injected polypropylene
  • It features a streamlined, low-profile construction with open heel
  • The Procare® foot brace fits inside most types of footwear
  • It can be trimmed to any size with scissors
  • Thin and flexible construction allows for almost a full range of motion
  • A soft strap at the top holds the brace in place

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