Smith & Nephew ALLEVYN Classic Non-Adhesive Wound Dressing

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Smith & Nephew ALLEVYN Classic Non-Adhesive Wound Dressing - Advanced Wound Care - Foam Dressing

  • Allevyn nonadhesive dressing's absorbent hydrocellular pad, contact layer and breathable top film keep skin moist
  • Dressing creates an environment conducive to healing to help wounds get better faster
  • The outer polyurethane top film is breathable and acts as a barrier to bacteria to prevent infections
  • This 2 x 2 inch Allevyn foam dressing has a highly absorbent hydrocellular foam core that wicks away fluids
  • It won't stick to or re-open the wound, ensuring proper healing
Foam Dressing Allevyn 2 X 2 Inch Square Non-Adhesive without Border Sterile

Allevyn Classic Nonadhesive without Border Foam Dressing, 2 x 2 Inch

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