Tranquility Male Guard Pads

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Tranquility Male Guard Pads - Incontinence Pads - With Adhesive Strip

  • Peach mat absorbent core material with cloth-like backing
  • Contoured
  • The Male Guard has a soft absorbent core that draws fluid into the product, reducing odor while protecting sensitive skin from rash and breakdown
  • The active side elastics form a cup shape and create a firm barrier against leakage
  • The cloth-like, moisture-proof backing and adhesive strip allows the guard to be securely worn in snug fitting underwear
  • No uncomfortable sliding, no awkward adjusting, and most importantly: no leaks
  • Capacity is 280 mL
Bladder Control Pad Tranquility® Male Guard™ 12-1/4 Inch Length Heavy Absorbency Peach Mat Core One Size Fits Most Adult Male Disposable

Tranquility® Male Guard™ Bladder Control Pad, 12¼-Inch Length

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