Travel Staff

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we think about travel. As a travel staff, you are the first line of defense for travelers making the long trek around the world (or just the long trek back home).

You put in a lot of work behind the scenes, and the team at WellBefore knows your efforts are what make safe travel possible for all of us. To show our appreciation, we’re offering a 10% discount sitewide to give you the standout WellBefore products you need, want, and deserve. Enjoy

Who Is Eligible?

All airline staff (pilots, flight attendants, airport security, air marshal, baggage handlers, other airport ground employees), cruise staff, hotel personnel, flight nurses, and hospital medical pilots in the United States are welcome to sign up for our hero discount.

Not sure if you’re eligible? Send us an email at to verify your eligibility. We’ll let you know if you’re qualified for the discount.


How long will the discount code be activated?

We will process and activate the unique discount code within 48 hours after we receive your applications. We’ll send you an email once your discount code is active.

How many times can I use the discount code?

You can use the discount code as many times as you want, with no minimum purchase requirement.

Can this discount be combined with others?

The discount code can’t be combined with any other deals from WellBefore.

Sign up now and enjoy our 10% hero discount!

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