Cyto-Q MAX Oral Supplement

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About this item:

  • High potency ubiquinol content
  • Suitable for oral or tube feeding
  • Advanced liposomal technology
  • Includes dosing spoon
  • Unflavored for versatility
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Cyto-Q MAX Oral Supplement - Oral Supplements - Oral Supplement

  • Large daily requirements of ubiquinol can be met in a small volume – 1 mL of Cyto-Q MAX contains 100 mg ubiquinol
  • 17,000 mg of liposomal ubiquinol per 170 mL bottle
  • May be consumed orally or via tube feeding
  • Liposomal technology uses micro spheres to seal the nutrient in a protective envelope that aids delivering the ingredients for absorption
  • Bottle includes dosing spoon
  • Unflavored
Oral Supplement Cyto-Q® MAX Unflavored Liquid 170 mL Bottle

Cyto-Q™ MAX Concentrated Ubiquinol Medical Food, 5.7-ounce bottle

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