FabLife Adl Hip / Knee Equipment Kit

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Our Customers love WellBefore!

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FabLife Adl Hip / Knee Equipment Kit - Self-Help Aids - ADL Hip / Knee Equipment Kit

  • Hip kit includes a 32-inch, non-folding reacher, a formed sock aid that has two handles, an 18-inch plastic shoehorn, a straight arm contoured sponge, 24-inch dressing stick, and a 32-inch leg lifter
  • 32-inch reacher is for people who need to grab items from high spots (e.g. shelves) and or low places (e.g. under a bed)
  • Formed sock aid is included to aid users in placing socks on their feet and pulling them up, obviating need to bend, pull and strain
  • Contoured sponge allows individuals independent bathing
  • 24-inch dressing stick assists in retrieving and pulling on clothing – helpful for those with a limited range-of-motion
  • 3-feet long leg lifter helps move leg or foot from bed to floor or from floor to bed
ADL Hip / Knee Equipment Kit FabLife™ Reacher - 32 Inch Length / Shoehorn - 18 Inch Length / Dressing Stick - 24 Inch Length / Leg Lifter - 32 Inch Length

FabLife™ Activities of Daily Living Hip / Knee Equipment Kit


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