MoliCare Premium Men Pad

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Our Customers love WellBefore!

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Light Absorbency
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MoliCare Premium Men Pad - Incontinence Pads - With Adhesive Strip


  • Anatomically shaped pads with V-shaped design to suit the male anatomy for light to moderate bladder weakness providing secure protection while maintaining healthy skin
  • With wide adhesive stripe for secure and comfortable fixation in regular underwear and anti-leakage cuffs
  • All-round protection is provided by fast absorption, anti-leakage system and odor neutralizer
  • Dermatologically tested: Skin friendly because of soft and breathable material
  • Skin friendly pH value of 5.5
  • Inner absorbent core soaks up liquid quickly and directs it safely inward, leaving skin feeling dry
Bladder Control Pad MoliCare® Premium Men 7 X 10 Inch Light Absorbency Polymer Core One Size Fits Most Adult Male Disposable

MoliCare® Premium Men 3 Drop Bladder Control Pad, 7 x 10 Inch


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