Rugby Infant Gas Relief

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About this item:

  • Relieves infant gas discomfort
  • Simethicone antigas drops
  • No saccharin, alcohol, or artificial flavors
  • Includes dosing syringe
  • Comparable to Mylicon Gas Relief Drops

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Rugby Infant Gas Relief - Antacids - Infant Gas Relief

  • Rugby'\''s infants'\'' simethicone antigas drops relieve the discomfort of infant gas frequently caused by air swallowing or certain formulas or food
  • Rugby'\''s infants'\'' simethicone antigas drops contain no saccharin; no alcohol; no artificial flavors
  • There are 20 milligrams of simethicone in each 0.3 mL dose; dosing syringe is included
  • Compare to active ingredient in Mylicon Gas Relief Drops Infants – a registered trademark of Kenvue
  • 30-mL bottle contains enough for 100 doses
Infant Gas Relief Rugby® 40 mg / 0.6 mL Strength Oral Drops 1 oz.

Rugby® Simethicone Infant Gas Relief

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