SpeCtra® Single Manual Breast Pump

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1 Manual Breast Pump Kit
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About this item:

  • Silicone massager insert for comfort
  • Hygienic duckbill valve
  • Ergonomic hand-pump handle
  • BPA-free 150 mL bottle
  • Bottle suitable for fridge or freezer

Price: $42.99 One-Time Purchase

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  • Includes: One Spectra silicone massager insert; one SpeCtra hygienic silicone duck bill valve; one SpeCtra hand-pump handle, silicone diaphragm, diaphragm link, valve head; one SpeCtra 24mm non-detachable flange; one SpeCtra hand-pump bottle (includes nipple, cap, disc, lid, and stand)
  • Bottle is BPA-free, holds 150 mL and is suitable for fridge or freezer


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