TENA ProSkin Dry Washcloth

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Our Customers love WellBefore!

40,000+ Reviews
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TENA ProSkin Dry Washcloth - Washcloths - Washcloth

  • Tena dry washcloths cleanse perineal skin and the entire body
  • Their soft texture feels gentle on the skin for optimal comfort
  • Strong construction makes these white, personal hygiene wipes reliable and helps them stay intact during use
  • They'\''re usable with a cleanser to provide a more thorough cleansing experience
  • Tena 13- x 13-1/4-inch dry disposable washcloths are a hygienic alternative to reusable washcloths
  • The embossed cloth-like material makes them suitable for bathing, incontinence-related cleaning or clean-up jobs
Washcloth TENA ProSkin™ Dry 13 X 13-1/2 Inch White Disposable

Tena® Dry Washcloths, Disposable, White, 13 x 13-1/4 Inch,


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