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Cardinal Health Underwear - Incontinence Supplies
Cardinal Health Underwear - Incontinence Supplies

Cardinal Health Underwear

Cardinal Health offers a range of options for individuals who need more coverage than a sanitary pad provides but do not require an adult diaper. One such option is their pull-on protective underwear, which features tear-away seams for easy removal. Cardinal Health underwear provides a more comfortable fit compared to traditional adult diapers and offers a more discreet solution for people dealing with incontinence.

The pull-on design offers ease of wear and removal similar to regular underwear and increases the user's sense of dignity and independence. They are a great option for those who want a non-bulky and comfortable fit.

Comfortable Protective Underwear

Cardinal Health's Sure Care Plus pull-on underwear is designed for adults who require effective protection from incontinence. These underwear feature advanced odor control to help keep users feeling fresh and confident. The pull-on design allows for easy wear and removal, similar to regular underwear.

The Simplicity Absorbent Underwear is another option, which uses a unisex design that eliminates panty lines when worn under clothing. Additionally, it provides superior protection against bladder leakage, with dual leak barriers that offer added security. They are comfortable, easy to wear and remove, and offer maximum protection and leakage control.

The highly absorbent core locks in fluid while odor neutralizers prevent unpleasant smells. ProCare offers a range of absorbencies with a cloth-like outer material that makes it look more like typical underwear.

Shop Cardinal Health adult protective underwear at WellBefore today and enjoy discreet, fast shipping and excellent customer service. Each unit contains a varying number of pairs, select your size to see the number of pairs included.