McKesson Pedi-Pad Protective Pad

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Our Customers love WellBefore!

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McKesson Pedi-Pad Protective Pad - Ankle, Foot and Toe - Protective Pad

  • Made of orthopedic felt, these corn pads help reduce friction, pressure, and irritation from shoes
  • Ideal for easing the pain of sensitive corns, which are areas of thick, hardened, dead skin that result from repeated pressure and friction on skin
  • With a water-based, medical-grade acrylic adhesive, these corn pads affix to your skin securely and stay put as you go about your daily routine
  • Protective design is white to be nondescript
  • Each corn pad measures 1/8 inch; size is 101 – Regular
Protective Pad McKesson Pedi-Pad Size 101-Regular Adhesive Foot

McKesson Pedi-Pad Protective Pad, Size 101 – Regular,


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